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From Professor Michael Rash:

This is for all you past and present members of the kgsbbs. is about to go live after being down for the past couple years during Sijo Gascons illness. Some changes you will notice is the restructuring of the board. We will change it to an advisory board. The new board will not be divided by state but will be united by membership.Anyone from any state interested in being on this advisory board can e mail me directly. Any member that has a lifetime membership will need not re-apply for membership to the kgsbbs, simply e mail me a copy of your certificate. Your students can join through you. Sijo Gascons patch will be sent out to KGS schools only. Non KGS Member schools will receive the KGSBBS patch. During these past couple difficult years we have gotten great support from many of you good people. I particularly want to thank Soke Rudy Duncan and his entire crew for simply being the best of the best.
Ken Swan, for always being there. And Master Joe Shuras for his input and many articles on KGS. All of our Kajukenbo brothers and sisters. EPK folks and everyone else I know Ive missed some.
Membership will re open soon. Thank you all.
Hope to see you all soon.